ozobots planets

Mapping the Planets with Ozobots

Fourth graders in Mrs. Beatty’s class used Ozobots to map the planets.  Students mapped the planetary system on paper for the Ozobots to explore.

career day

Students Learn About Various Jobs at Norge Career Day

Parents and community members volunteered to speak at career day for third, fourth, and fifth graders on June 5.  They talked about the education necessary to become a professional in their field, the sacrifices they have to make, what a typical day might look like, and more!  Thank you to all volunteers for your time and for inspiring our students to follow their dreams!

3rd grade –

  • Officer Lilley – Police Officer with WJCC
  • Mr. Baldwin – Musician
  • Mr. Henderson – William & Mary Football coach
  • Mr. Jolly – School bus sales
  • Mr. Saunders – Mental health technician

5th grade-

  • Officer Lilley – Police Officer with WJCC
  • Mr. Race – Cyber security
  • Mr. Rodriguez – Drone Pilot
  • Ms. Findlay – Social worker

4th grade-

  • Officer Lilley – Police Officer with WJCC
  • Mr. Perry – IT Professional
  • Ms. Knecht – Realtor
  • Mr. Kaste – Geologist at William & Mary

5th Graders Create Mechanical Devices using littleBits

Fifth graders Alexa, Lloyd, and Cal created mechanical devices using littleBits! Combining critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem solving, the students made mechanical arms that could be adapted into many different inventions.  Their ideas for inventions using this technology included toys, defense devices, throwing and hitting practice machines for sports, and more! Awesome work!



First Graders Code with Bee-Bots

First grade students from Mrs. Cummins’ class learn basic programming skills using Bee-bots.

bee-bots bee-bots