The standards for grade four continue to emphasize the elements of art and the principles of design as the basic building blocks for art appreciation and production. Students will explore a range of materials and subject matter. Emphasis is on the importance of historic events and environment in Virginia from colonial times to the present. Students will examine the influence of the past on contemporary culture.

Visual Communication and Production

  • 4.1 – The student will research and generate ideas for creating works of art, using discussion.
  • 4.2 – The student will use thumbnail sketches to document thought processes when creating works of art.
  • 4.3 – The student will create a work of art that uses themes, ideas, and art forms from the past.
  • 4.4 – The student will identify and use the characteristics of color, including hue, tint, shade, and intensity.
  • 4.5 – The student will identify and use variety, repetition, and unity in a work of art.
  • 4.6 – The student will identify and use a variety of lines in a work of art.
  • 4.7 – The student will describe and use hand-building techniques, including the slab method, to make a ceramic work of art.
  • 4.8 – The student will identify positive and negative space in works of art.
  • 4.9 – The student will use contour drawing, perspective drawing, and shading techniques to create a work of art that depicts a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface.
  • 4.10 – The student will create abstract works of art.

Cultural Context and Art History

  • 4.11 – The students will identify and discuss a variety of art careers (e.g., potter, weaver, glassmaker, jeweler, local community artist).
  • 4.12 – The student will compare and contrast abstract and realistic works of art.
  • 4.13 – The student will recognize, compare, and contrast the characteristics of diverse cultures in contemporary works of art.
  • 4.14 – The student will identify and describe the influences of ancient cultures on Early American architecture.
  • 4.15 – The student will examine the roles of crafts and artisans in Colonial Virginia.
  • 4.16 – The student will investigate artists and their work, using research tools and procedures.

Judgment and Criticism

  • 4.17 – The student will interpret works of art for multiple meanings.
  • 4.18 – The student will analyze works of art based on visual properties.
  • 4.19 – The student will compare and contrast abstract, representational, and nonrepresentational works of art.
  • 4.20 – The student will identify and investigate ways that works of art from popular culture reflect the past and influence the present.
  • 4.21 – The student will support the selection of a work of art, using appropriate art vocabulary.
  • 4.22 – The student will compare and contrast works of art by genre.


  • 4.23 – The student will discuss how criteria used to value art may vary from one culture to another.
  • 4.24 – The student will discuss how personal beliefs influence responses to works of art.
  • 4.25 – The student will formulate questions about works of art.
  • 4.26 – The student will select a preferred work of art from among others and defend the choice, using appropriate art vocabulary.