The standards for kindergarten serve as building blocks for further visual arts instruction. The standards place emphasis on cognitive, affective, sensory, and motor development, using a problem-solving approach. Students will learn that art is a personal expression, has value, teaches about other times and places, and connects in important ways to other areas of learning. Students will understand that their works of art are unique and valuable as self-expressions.

Visual Communication and Production

  • K.1 – The student will create works of art that represent personal solutions to art problems.
  • K.2 – The student will express ideas and feelings through the creation of works of art.
  • K.3 – The student will identify and use
    • colors­â€”red, blue, yellow, green, orange, violet, brown, black, and white;
    • textures—sight and touch;
    • line and line characteristics—straight/curved, thick/thin, long/short, vertical/horizontal, and diagonal;
    • shape—circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and oval; and
    • patterns—natural and man-made.
  • K.4 – The student will create a work of art that commemorates a personal or historical event.
  • K.5 – The student will create a work of art that depicts a specific animal or plant.
  • K.6 – The student will create a self-portrait.
  • K.7 – The student will identify objects within the environment that occupy space.
  • K.8 – The student will identify spatial relationships—left, right, top, bottom, side, center, front, back, over, and under.
  • K.9 – The student will describe the sequence of steps in the making of a work of art.
  • K.10 – The student will use motor skills (e.g., pinching, pulling, squeezing, twisting, pounding, rolling, folding, cutting, modeling, stamping) to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art.

Cultural Context and Art History

  • K.11 – The student will identify people who make art as “artists” (e.g., painters, sculptors, printmakers, architects, graphic designers).
  • K.12 – The student will identify the purposes for creating works of art.
  • K.13 – The student will discuss the concept that people in all cultures create works of art.