Entries by Cynthia Cattell

Pi Day Celebration

Students in Mrs. Collins’s 6th grade math class celebrated Pi Day on 3.14.  They enjoyed circular snacks, created pi-themed art and bracelets, and had a contest to memorize the most digits of pi.  Congrats to this year’s winner, Emiline, who memorized 80 digits. Way to go!

Reading Room Book Cafe

Mrs. Walker, Norge Reading Specialist, has opened her room in the mornings and afternoons for students to come and talk about Cleo Edison Oliver Playground Millionaire, the book the whole school is reading as part of the Coastal Virginia Reads One Book program.  At the Book Cafe, students are prompted with questions from the previous […]

2019 Norge Rookie Teacher of the Year

For the first time, WJCC is honoring a “Rookie Teacher of the Year” from all schools who submit a candidate nomination. To represent Norge, Ms. Matthews has selected Kate Roessler as our Rookie Teacher of the Year.  Though this is her first year teaching, she has quickly become a team player, incorporating student choice, engaging […]

Third Grade Dissects Owl Pellets

As part of investigating food chains and webs and animal adaptations, the third grade did a study of barn owls. They watched a video to learn about barn owls and what they eat and discovered what an owl pellet was. The students were then given an owl pellet to dissect and used the bones they […]

Robotics Assembly

All Norge students attended an assembly on Thursday, March 7 to learn about programming and robotics!  David Jack from Mobile Ed demonstrated many robots and drones.