Mrs. Jena Brown, M.Ed

Mrs. Jena Brown, M.Ed

School Counselor

p: (757) 564-3372

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Guidance & Counseling Activities

Throughout the year, the school counselor  provides the following services:

  • individual counseling
  • small group counseling
  • classroom guidance
  • parent consulation
  • conflict resolution
  • career awareness
  • crisis counseling
  • referral services
  • transition activities
  • collaboration with teachers and community resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the school counseling program is to work in collaboration with parents, teachers, and the community to provide developmentally appropriate services and support to all students to promote academic and social growth.

If you have any questions about the school counseling program or have any concerns about your child, please feel free to contact Norge’s professional School Counselor, Mrs. Jena Brown at 564-3372 ext. 47118 or at

Guidance & Counseling Standards

My work with your children is guided by the Virginia Department of Education Standards for School Counselors. There are three domains: academic, career, and personal/social.

In the academic domain, I work with your children on the skills, attitudes, and habits that develop effective learners. We know when children are successful in elementary school, their foundation is secure for learning for the rest of their lives.

For the career domain, I create opportunities for children to become aware of careers and the world of work.

For personal/social, I help children understand and respect themselves and others in their day-to-day interactions with teachers and other students.

School Counseling & Educational Groups

The school counseling program at Norge Elementary School is designed to be preventative and developmental. In addition to seeing students individually and in classroom guidance, I teach skills and information in small-group settings. I emphasize to students that groups are for everyone, and participation does not indicate a problem. Groups are structured and goal focused. Students learn important life skills that will enhance their ability to succeed academically and socially, as well as cope with stressful situations.

Listed below are the types of groups (based on need) that may be offered throughout the school year:

Academic Success


Getting Along with Others

Social Skills



Changing Families


Students are selected for groups based on parent requests and teacher recommendations (needs assessment). Parent permission is needed in order for a child to attend group meetings.