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7311 Richmond Road • Williamsburg, VA 23188
Phone: (757) 564-3372 | Fax: (757) 565-9481

Front Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

About Norge

The earliest known school in the Norge area was established during the 1870’s. Since then there have been several schools in the area, ranging from one room private and public schools to Toano High School, which closed in 1955.

Norge Elementary School opened in 1967. It serves approximately 650 students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The building was extensively renovated and a new wing housing fifth grade classrooms, the NEED Center, media center, technology classroom, and art room was added.

Norge is also the home of the Bright Beginnings, a preschool program for students between the ages of 2 and 5 with disabilities. Additional preschool classes housing students enrolled in Bright Beginnings and Head Start are located in our preschool area, bringing our total preschool enrollment to approximately 175 students.

Norge has over 100 adult staff members – teachers, teaching assistants, cafeteria workers, administrators, and specialists. Each member of the Norge staff is committed to providing a secure and respectful environment so that every student can focus on learning. We work closely with personnel in the central office, student services office, building services, and transportation centers in implementing the educational program.

Parents and other community members are also an important part of the Norge school community. The PTA provides an important link among home, school, volunteers, and business partnerships to enhance learning opportunities.

The James City County Recreation Department offers before and after school programs for students attending Norge. For information, call 259-3200.

Our school is led by a Student Council Association. Our SCA organizes and promotes special activities and spirit boosters throughout the year.

Norge is a Relay for Life school with three teams composed of faculty and staff.

Norge School is all of us! Join the Roadrunner Team for a successful school year.


We will serve our students by preparing them for their future in an ever-changing world.


Our vision is a commitment to becoming a professional learning community that will assist our students to reach their full potential through the partnership of administrators, teachers, parents, students and the larger community.

Teachers will:

  • Set high expectations and realistic, reachable goals for all students.
  • Focus on WJCC Standards and Objectives.
  • Meet all children’s academic needs through differentiation and developmentally appropriate instruction that is assessment driven.
  • Deliver instruction using a variety of teaching methods based on current research.

The home will:

  • Provide strong, active parent involvement in the education process.
  • Work with the school to ensure ongoing communication with the school.
  • Encourage a two-way relationship between parents, school, community, and local government.

Administrators and Teacher Leaders will:

  • Encourage staff to take leadership roles within the schools.
  • Show respect to staff, students, and community by listening, making themselves available and approachable.
  • Set expectations that are clear, but will allow for and respect diversity of the staff.
  • Advocate for the school providing a link between school, central office, and the greater community.
  • Be visible and active participants in instruction and in the daily school life.
  • Be knowledgeable instructional leaders and up-to-date on current research.

The community will:

  • Support the school with human resources and capital resources.

Students will:

  • Be self-motivated and actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Respect themselves, others, property, and individual diversity.
  • Set high expectations for themselves.
  • Demonstrate personal and academic responsibility.

Norge School will:

  • Provide a safe, clean, and inviting environment.
  • Provide mutual respect for all, acceptance for all, encourage and respect diversity, and create a trusting and compassionate environment.
  • Administer discipline in a fair and consistent manner where dignity is maintained.
  • Work in a co-operative way that fosters collaboration, sharing, team effort and staff/parent cohesion.
  • Provide a friendly, caring, nurturing environment for all students, parents, and staff, where the staff and administration are approachable and the Roadrunner spirit runs through everyone.


As a member of the Norge Elementary School Community: We will respect all people and their property, walk safely and quietly, never harm another person with words or actions, and strive to keep the school clean so we can all focus on learning and being successful.


Norge received The Virginia Board of Education Excellence Award for years 2008, 2009, and 2010. This award is given to schools that have met all state and federal benchmarks for at least two consecutive years and are making progress towards the goals of the governor and the board.

Norge Elementary School was a recipient of the 2011 Virginia Board of Education Competence to Excellence Award. This award is given to schools that have met all state and federal benchmarks for at least two consecutive years and are making progress towards the goals of the governor and the board. Norge also earned Title I Distinguished School Status for Disadvantaged Student Achievement in 2011.