Student Dress

Children should dress comfortably so that they can take part in physical activities with ease and take part in art activities without fear of ruining clothing. For example, long dresses, sandals and clogs make physical activities difficult and unsafe. Remember students participate in physical education classes weekly and recess on a daily basis so tennis shoes should either be worn or brought to school.

Flip flops, open toe shoes, and tennis shoes with wheels have caused injuries and may not be worn.

In a school environment, all children should dress modestly. Biker shorts or pants, short shorts, halter-type blouses, spaghetti strap tops, showing of the midriff or tank tops are not permitted. Makeup and excessive jewelry are also discouraged. Offensive messages on clothing are prohibited. Hats and jackets may not be worn inside by boys or girls except on designated hat days.

Weather Changes

WJCC Schools is committed to providing students with daily outdoor recess in an effort to promote healthy activity. Please be sure that students come to school dressed for the appropriate weather. We monitor wind chills and heat indices throughout the year. In the winter our guidelines encourage outdoor activity unless the wind chill reaches 10 degrees Fahrenheit.