Norge Elementary School participates in a school-wide student acknowledgement program focused on positive reinforcement called TRACKS. TRACKS is an acronym for the behavioral and academic traits we would like to see our Roadrunners display:

  • T-Trustworthy
  • R- Respectful
  • A- Attentive
  • C- Cooperative
  • K- Kind
  • S- Successful

When a Norge staff member sees a student display any of these behaviors, they may give that student a “TRACK”.  TRACKS can be earned at any time during the school day including on the bus, in the classroom, in the cafeteria, at recess, during centers, and even in the bathroom!  Each student has a TRACKS card that they use to watch their TRACKS accumulate.  As a student earns TRACKS, they will also earn incentives.  There are suggested incentives by administration, but ultimately it is up to the classroom teacher to decide what incentives are offered in their rooms.  Some incentives include bringing items to school from home, so students will let you know if they have earned those types of rewards.

Overall, TRACKS is a Norge student acknowledgement program that is designed to reinforce good choices and to encourage students to be role models every day.