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Published On: February 8th, 2021

The below questions were submitted through the Curriculum Fair Question portal available in the WJCC Family Newsletter.  Questions submitted with personal/identifying information have been adjusted to reflect a more general question and to eliminate specific student information.

I am interested in taking the Veterinarian Science I class, how can I sign up? Are there additional veterinarian courses besides this one?WJCC Schools2021-02-18T10:29:10-05:00

When selecting your classes for the next school year, students interested in taking the new Veterinary Science I course should make this selection as one of their elective courses.  This course is available to take during the junior or senior year.  This is currently the only veterinary course offered in WJCC buildings, however, Veterinary Science is also available at New Horizons for students to apply to take.  Please be sure to share this interest with your school counselor when reviewing your academic and career plan and discussing your course registration for next school year.

Does Jamestown offer any college credit classes? If so, are these classes available in 11th grade?WJCC Schools2021-02-18T10:27:50-05:00

Dual enrollment opportunities are available at all three of our high schools for juniors and seniors.  Courses offered are limited and based on instructor credentialing, existing course offerings, and student interest.  Students are encouraged to speak with their school counselor to learn more about the dual enrollment opportunities available.

How will middle school students with an IEP be scheduled in their classes? If they take reading resource, will they choose fewer electives?WJCC Schools2021-02-18T10:25:27-05:00

Students with an IEP will be scheduled into appropriate courses based on the services within their IEP. When selecting electives for the next school year, students rank their choices in order of preference. Schools will be able to adjust a student’s request with this information based on the services identified within the IEP.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to reach out to their child’s IEP casemanager with specific questions related to their child’s IEP and schedule.

Are students able to repeat guitar this year due to the virtual learning environment?WJCC Schools2021-02-18T10:23:44-05:00

Guitar is an exploratory class and is typically only available for a student to take one time. However, if you have specific questions or concerns related to your child repeating this course please reach out to your child’s Guitar teacher or school counselor to discuss in more detail.

How will rising 9th graders make their course selections for next year? Will this be done with school counselors at their middle school, or at home using virtual resources?WJCC Schools2021-02-18T10:23:12-05:00

Current 8th grade students will select their courses with the help of their current school counselor.  Middle school counselors will be sharing information from the high schools and will work with 8th grade students to select their courses electronically.

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