3 Tips for remembering a mask

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Published On: October 8th, 2021

Getting students ready and out the door on time can be difficult, and sometimes important items are left behind. Below are tips to help families remember to bring a mask to school.

Store Masks with School Supplies

Storing masks in the same place as backpacks and other school items allows families to grab everything they need for the day at one time. It is also helpful to clip masks to backpacks so you can easily do a visual check as they walk out the door.

Have a checklist by the door

Create a checklist of items needed for school and place it by the door. Make masks the number one item and check the list every day before leaving for school.

Place extra masks in backpacks

We all know crazy days are going to happen. Go ahead and plan for them and place extra masks in your student’s backpack.


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