Attendance matters! Establish good attendance habits now.

Published On: September 8th, 2023

September is Attendance Awareness Month for good reason! Getting off to a great year starts with regular attendance from the beginning. Missing just 2 days a month (chronic absenteeism) can affect students’ grades, reading level, and even their likelihood of graduating. According to the Virginia Department of Education, students who miss two to four days of school in September are five times more likely to become chronically absent, or miss 18+ school days, across the year.

While any absence affects students’ education, we know students do their best when they’re feeling their best. Absences for illness or other extenuating family situations are understandable, and we’re committed to working with families to support students’ needs. We hope to underscore that keeping students in school when they’re healthy allows flexibility and time, if needed, to be absent for the unexpected.

Learn more about our attendance policy, and our intervention steps to support student attendance, on our website.

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