Attendance Momentum – Keep Up the Great Work

Published On: April 19th, 2024

As we enter the final marking period of the school year and the weather turns warm, we encourage each of our students and families to keep up the attendance momentum from the first three quarters and finish the year strong. As tempting as it may be to take a day or two to celebrate the warmer weather, it is important for academic as well as social growth for students to be present at school each day.

We do recognize, however, that there are circumstances that may cause students to be absent on occasion. For that purpose, WJCC does excuse absences for the following reasons: illness, quarantine, natural disaster, religious holiday, death in immediate family, legal or medical appointments, and school sponsored/related activities. If your child is not feeling well and you are unsure whether or not to send them to school, WJCC has the following resource on the WJCC website:  Is my child well enough to go to school? – WJCC Schools.

Additionally, exceptional circumstances, not listed above, may also be excused at principal discretion for up to five (5) days per school year.  If your family has an extenuating circumstance that may cause your student to be absent from school, please reach out to your student’s principal to discuss.


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