Celebrate WJCC Hidden Heroes: Teacher Assistants

Published On: October 27th, 2023

As one WJCC Schools teacher put it, “Teacher assistants are the backbone of our schools. They do anything and everything to support what is happening in our classrooms.” From grading papers and creating bulletin boards to mentoring and working with students, teacher assistants help teachers focus classroom goals to meet all students’ needs.

Our teacher assistants play a vital role in developing and maintaining positive classroom environments, building student rapport and ensuring safe transitions throughout the school and school day. Their support allows all students to access core and elective courses and reach their full academic potential.

We are fortunate to also have teacher assistants dedicated to supporting special education.  At times, their day goes beyond school hours. Some participate in after-school activities, making possible for students with special needs to have the same experiences all students are afforded.

“These TAs are incredibly valuable supporting daily instruction and programming, providing direct assistance to meet individualized student needs and ensuring access to various activities and resources throughout the day,” said Adam Brown, WJCC Schools director of special education.

WJCC Schools TAs are incredibly hard-working, put students first, and are committed to enhancing support and programming for all students.

This is the last in our series celebrating WJCC Schools Hidden Heroes. Thank you for tuning in to learn more about these incredible individuals!

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