Celebrating the Class of 2023: Arvin Picardo

Published On: June 24th, 2023

“Definitely start thinking about your future before your future is here,” says Arvin Picardo, one of the top academic achievers at Warhill High School. As a graduating senior Arvin reflects on his high school experience and suggests taking time to build interests and skills while planning the prerequisites needed to take the courses that will challenge and interest students.

During high school, Arvin balanced soccer, multiple positions in student government, volunteering at church, rigorous coursework, and orchestra. But it was his time at the Governor’s School for Science and Technology where he discovered programming and software design. An internship with the Harvard Center for Brain Science sparked his interest in creating software later in life that will aid in research. Arvin will be studying computer science at the College of Engineering at Notre Dame.

Soccer was a big part of Arvin’s high school experience. He will take life lessons learned as captain and teammate with him to Indiana this fall. Watch here to learn more:


Stay tuned for a series highlighting some of our Class of 2023 graduates, their remarkable achievements, and the unique paths that lie ahead of them!

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