December 2022 Heroes of Hope

Published On: December 15th, 2022

Dr. Adam Brown, Dr. Amy Lazev, BethAnne Klaver, and Jim Falzone; Central Office and Operations

“This summer Dr. Brown, Dr. Lazev, Ms. Klaver and Mr. Falzone helped to build a kitchen area for our self-contained students. It took funding, coordination and communication among the special education department, SHIP, and operations. Each person played a major role in creating an area where our students can experience and learn skills that are crucial in everyday living. Our new stove, with a hood, allows our students to cook and use their reading and math skills to learn about recipes, servings, and nutrition. The loading and unloading of the new dishwasher and use of the washer/dryer are everyday skills that our students so desperately needed. As with any construction project, planning and communication was vital and these heroes made it happen!”

Erin Edwards, Lois S. Hornsby Middle School

“Erin Edwards is truly a remarkable school counselor. She is consistently going above and beyond to show her care and dedication to the students and staff at Hornsby Middle School. She runs 5 small groups for 6th grade students to encourage new, positive connections. She is mentoring two school counselors new to Hornsby consistently and intentionally. Coming from a military family herself, Mrs. Edwards knows the importance of a positive transition and highlighting student resiliency. It is no surprise to those working closely with her that Hornsby was awarded with a Purple Star recognition, thanks to her continued partnership with military families at our school. She runs a comprehensive and data-driven school counseling program, with relationships at the heart of her work. Mrs. Edwards exemplifies all the characteristics of a school leader and a team player. She IS WJCC!”

Kim Gryszko, Matoaka Elementary School

“Principals can make or break the school. Fortunately, Matoaka is blessed to have one of the most dedicated and professional principals. Kim Gryszko joined Matoaka in the midst of chaos last school year. Families and staff struggled with all the changes, but Kim was able to help everyone thrive despite the climate of the first full school year after virtual learning. It was not easy. Kim never showed frustration. She was always smiling and took pause to listen. The students love seeing her in the hallways and are eager to give her big hugs. It is always hard to have change in administration, but Kim helped the Matoaka community understand that safety and learning is key. Kim always strives to keep everyone safe. This is something I appreciate. She is very focused on keeping everyone (students, parents, and staff) safe no matter the cost. These days, we cannot ignore the importance of safety protocols. Kim is a principal who understands that we cannot risk the safety of our most valued treasure, the children. Thank you, Principal Gryszko!”

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