Welcome to the  Second “First Day” of School

Your child’s teachers and administrators are eager to welcome most students in grades PreK-3 to school buildings for blended, in-person learning! Beginning Monday, Oct. 26, Bright Beginnings students will attend school in-person Monday-Thursday. Kindergarten through third-grade students will return to school buildings two days a week based on their last names, with the other three days a week used for remote learning from home. Clara Byrd Baker and Laurel Lane elementary school students will transition to Path 2 beginning Monday, Nov. 9. Check the schedule here.

What to Expect on Remote Learning Days on Path 2

Literacy and math will be the primary focus of in-person learning. Remote learning days will include science and social studies, math and reading support activities, and instruction for music, art, PE, library and computers. Read more about instruction plans and expectations for students.

Shorter Elementary School Days 

As part of the transition to Path 2, the elementary school day will be one hour shorter. School start times will return to the pre-COVID schedule with Tier 2 schools beginning at 8:30 a.m. and Tier 3 schools starting at 9:15 a.m.; however, the school day will be one hour shorter. 

Water bottle with water splashing from the opening

Hydrate to Stay Great! Pack a Water Bottle

Students should bring their fully charged WJCC Schools-issued tablet or laptop each day along with their school supplies. And, be sure to pack a refillable water bottle. Water fountains are turned off, but filling stations are available in every building.

Grading for the First Marking Period

The start of the school year brought some distinct challenges because of COVID-19, including the delayed delivery of laptops for remote learning. Teachers will consider the extraordinary circumstances and make adjustments to grading practices to best represent students’ engagement and knowledge of new instruction. If you have questions after receiving your child’s report card, please contact the teacher during office hours.

Transportation News

Bus routes for Path 2 are available now on the school division website. If you plan to drive your child to school, be prepared for delays in the parking lot and neighborhood. 

Smiley face wearing a maskBe Sure to Wear A Face Covering  

Students must wear a face covering on the bus and during the school day. Practice wearing one at home throughout the day to help prepare your child.

Keep Healthy, Keep Learning

To keep students healthy and learning, sick children must stay home until they feel better. Families should review a daily symptom checker before sending their child to school. You can see it here. Every child will receive a Symptom Checker magnet during the first week of school to post on the family refrigerator.

What if My Child Becomes Ill at School? 

Students who become ill with COVID-19 symptoms while at school will be removed from the classroom and isolated (with supervision) in a designated area. The school nurse will contact parents/guardians who must pick the child up right away. Families should review the Symptom Checker now.

What’s for Lunch? 

 WJCC Schools will provide a complete breakfast and lunch at no charge to all students. They will have one option for breakfast and lunch daily, or they may pack a lunch. Be sure to include a drink or refillable water bottle because a la carte menu items will not available. Students will eat meals in their classrooms to reduce exposure to other groups of students throughout the building. See the menu here. 

My Child Forgot Something for School. What Should I Do? 

School buildings are open by appointment only. If you need to drop something off at the school or pick your child up early, please call the main office when you arrive in the parking lot. Someone will come outside to help you.