February 2023 Heroes of Hope

Published On: February 17th, 2023

Amanda D’Attilio Gray and Grace Huneycutt, Matoaka Elementary School

Amanda and Grace are Matoaka’s unsung Heroes of Hope. They are remarkable with our students in the self-contained classrooms. Their students thrive emotionally and academically. It is evident that their efforts are making a difference. We see their quiet and determined service to what is best for their students. Many teachers seek Amanda and Grace’s guidance for intervention strategies in their own general education classroom. You can see the impact of their work in the verbiage used throughout the building when working with students who struggle. Their advice is appreciated and effective with all learners. Too often, our SPED teachers are overlooked when they are in the self-contained classroom. At Matoaka, Amanda and Grace are integral.

Katherine Wease, J. Blaine Blayton Elementary School

Mrs. Wease is the epitome of a team player – she’s always all in for her students & colleagues. She encourages her students’ love of music through her hands-on classroom activities, as well as her before school choir club. She also volunteers to serve on JBB’s MTSS team, is a SHIP club sponsor, and a Big Bee mentor at school. She is patient and compassionate with her students which gives them a safe space at school and a feeling of being valued. She is such a great addition to the JBB community.

Jake Paulson, Laurel Lane Elementary School

Mr. Paulson’s compassion, energy and enthusiasm make him an amazing teacher. His positive outlook and fun way of teaching keeps my child engaged and wanting to learn. I am so grateful that my son had the opportunity to be in his class this year.

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