Free COVID-19 Screening for Students and Staff

Published On: October 1st, 2021

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our school community, WJCC Schools is launching a FREE routine COVID-19 screening testing program for students and staff. The program, organized by the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Department of Education, tests groups of students and staff weekly to see if there are asymptomatic carriers of COVID in our schools. Many COVID-19 infections result from contact with a person who does not have symptoms; screening testing can help identify people who may be contagious, allowing families and the school division to take steps to keep the virus from spreading.

Participation in the Virginia School Screening Testing for Assurance (ViSSTA) program and all testing is voluntary; only students and staff members with a signed consent form will be tested. Screening testing will take place at school during the school day. Although ViSSTA is intended for people who are not fully vaccinated, vaccinated individuals may also participate. WJCC Schools encourages all families to allow their children to be part of the screening testing since it is a vital tool to keep our school community healthy and our schools open. In particular, student-athletes are asked to sign up to help curb potential exposure to the virus among teammates who are often in close contact with one another.

To take part in ViSSTA testing, families should complete an online form for each school-aged child in your family.

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