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Published On: June 1st, 2021

There will be a mandatory zoom session on July 1st to give a program overview, meet your instructor, and answer questions you may have.

Program Overview 

Economics and Personal Finance (EPF) and Health and PE 1 are both offered as summer acceleration classes. Both require a serious commitment by students as the work will be completed independently on a computer. This means that students will be able to work when it is convenient for them but that they will need to demonstrate continued progress by completing assignments in a reasonable time frame as close to the due dates as possible.

Students will all be assigned a teacher for the class whom they may communicate with regarding assignments and grades. Please note that the teachers will not be available at all hours. Students should plan accordingly if they think they might have questions about an assignment.

Each class has one or two exceptions to this policy when students need to be physically present at Warhill High School for testing.

EPF and Health and PE 1 are both virtual (online) classes. However, both have mandatory dates that students come to Warhill High School.

EPF requires that students take the W!SE test at Warhill High School. This assessment takes place at Warhill on the following dates; July 28th, July 29th, August 2nd, August 3rd, August 4th  at 9 and 11am. Students must choose one of those dates and times to take the assessment.

Health and PE 1 requires students to come to Warhill two times. The first is either July 6th or July 7th  from 8 until 9am. On this date, students will receive their Polar Tracking Device and take part in Pre-Fitness testing.

The second date that Health and PE 1 students will be required to go to Warhill will be August 4th or August 5th from 8-9:30am for Post-Fitness Testing, CPR and Activity Tracker Testing.

W!SE Test and Course Grade For EPF 

It is mandatory for EPF students to take the W!SE test and pass with a score of 66% or better as well as pass the course. Even if students take the W!SE test before finishing the course, they must still complete all of the units. The course grade will be reflected on their high school transcripts.

Physical Activity Requirement for Health and PE 1 

The Health and PE 1 teacher will give students information about the physical activity requirements of the course in the zoom session on July 1st.

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