It’s everything WJCC Schools, in your pocket – Download the app today!

Published On: August 29th, 2023

It's everything WJCC Schools, in your pocket

We are excited to roll out the new WJCC Schools mobile app! By downloading the app, families can begin receiving emergency notifications, district updates, and school news directly on their phone, all in one place for easy reference. The app also makes two-way communication between families and their child’s teacher possible.

Members of the public can also download the WJCC Schools app to stay up to date on division and school news.

This afternoon, families will receive a guardian invitation with steps to activate the class messaging feature called “Rooms.” Thrillshare is the tool teachers use to publish to Rooms; Rooms is where families communicate with staff. Rooms are accessible through the WJCC Schools app. Through that invitation, families will set up an account, create a password, and connect to their child’s teacher(s). Then, log in through the app to receive teacher updates!

Download the app for free on the Google Play or Apple App Store:

Families should be on the lookout for a guardian invitation from later today!

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