Jamestown student to represent division at state science fair

Published On: April 1st, 2021
Jamestown student wearing medal and showing science project on tablet

Jamestown High School (JHS) student Kathryn Miller earned first place in the Chemistry category of the Tidewater Regional Science Fair and will represent the division at the state science fair later this year.

Eight students, all from JHS, were recommended to participate in the Tidewater Regional Science Fair, held virtually on March 20. Projects were evaluated by a panel of judges, and some students participated in interviews to give more in-depth explanations of their projects. Six students placed in the regional fair; they are:

  • Daniel Fleming – Category: Biochemistry – 2nd The Effect of Fermentation on Different Fruit Juices on Alcohol Level
  • Grace Galindo – Category: Biochemistry – 3rd The Effect of Sugar Type on Cellular Respiration
  • Veronica Armstrong – Category: Biochemistry – 3rd (tied) Effects of Different Proteolytic Enzymes on Gelatin
  • Kathryn Miller: Category: Chemistry – 1st The Effect of Roasting Temperatures on Coffee pH and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Doria Aractingi – Category: Computer Science – 3rd The Effects of Distance, Physical Obstruction, and Different Frequency Band on Wi-Fi Signal Strength and Speed
  • Tristan Grubbs – Category: Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering – 3rd The Effect of Paper Towel Brand on How Much Water it Can Absorb

The students were supported by JHS teacher Kristin Cosby throughout the process. We are proud of these students and their outstanding work.

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