March 2023 Heroes of Hope

Published On: March 17th, 2023

Mary Jones-Vaughan, Transportation

Mary has been a WJCC bus driver for 37 years!!! She has driven my special needs students for several years and has always shown a caring, compassionate attitude towards the students. I recently learned that she drove one of my student’s dads when he was in elementary school, and now drives his son. My favorite quote from Mary is “I am just happy to be driving my bus. I love these children!” To be able to do any job for 37 years shows how dedicated Mary is to her job and to her students. CBB is thankful to have Mary as one of their three incredible special ed bus drivers!!

April Sheets, Warhill High School

April Sheets is a WJCC Hero of Hope. I believe Ms. Sheets is a hero of hope because of her incredible work ethic and putting her students first without a single complaint. She welcomed me into Warhill with open arms and has assisted me greatly (and still does) as a newer teacher. She makes her colleagues and students feel greatly appreciated and respected. Her professionalism is unmatched, and she brings a light to Warhill that we all need. Ms. Sheets is involved in numerous groups here such as MTSS and Family Life Curriculum Planning. Ms. Sheets organized an adapted physical education class at Warhill so that students with disabilities can still be active and learn similar PE concepts. She has also organized for JCC fire department/paramedics to come in for our students to teach them valuable hands-on training in Stop The Bleed for the past few years. This is where students get to practice how to stop major bleeding with tourniquets and gauze. I fully believe April Sheets is a hero of hope for WJCC and a necessity in ensuring success for our students. She deserves to be recognized as she is one of the humblest people I have ever met.

Ben Woodhouse, Toano Middle School

I want to do a shout out to Ben Woodhouse, the Toano Middle school resource officer! He always has such a positive attitude. Today it’s rainy cold and miserable and he had a friendly smile and positive attitude at drop off this morning without an umbrella! My son really respects him. He’s a great example for our community!

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