Masks Required to Return to Five Days A Week of In-person Learning

Published On: August 4th, 2021

Image is of a mask. Text reads Masks Required to Return to Five Days A Week of In-person Learning

WJCC Schools is committed to opening schools for in-person learning five days a week. To do that, all students and staff must wear a mask while indoors, regardless of their vaccination status. Masks may be removed while outdoors. It is likely that we will move between periods of mask use and being mask-free based on health data and CDC guidelines. As a reminder, there is currently a federal mandate requiring face masks on school buses.

Why are masks required?

Wearing a face mask reduces exposure to germs and potential illness. In addition, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) now says children within 3-6 feet of someone at school who tests positive for COVID are not a close contact if both people are wearing a mask. That means fewer students will need to quarantine, allowing them to stay in school for face-to-face learning with their teacher and classmates. 

What if my family is vaccinated?

WJCC Schools encourages anyone eligible to get the COVID vaccine.

Students and staff must wear masks inside schools regardless of their vaccination status. According to the CDC, getting a vaccine (people 12 years and older) and wearing a mask are the best steps we can take to protect ourselves and others from becoming very sick. The Delta variant of COVID is highly contagious; however, existing COVID vaccines reduce the severity of illness for most people. 

  • All students and staff must wear a mask regardless of vaccination status on the bus and indoors at school. 
  • Schools will practice physical distancing to the greatest extent possible. 
  • Custodial staff will clean classrooms and common areas daily.
  • Students showing signs of COVID will isolate in a supervised area until parents pick them up. 
  • Families should use the WJCC Schools Symptom Checker to monitor their child’s wellness. Anyone who is sick should stay home.

School operations – including the mandatory use of masks – may shift during the year as the community health situation changes. We want to keep students in school for face-to-face learning, and we appreciate your partnership in taking the steps to make that happen.

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