National History Day – A Time Tested Experience

Published On: March 7th, 2023

Seventh grade students at Lois S. Hornsby Middle School participated in a competition where they completed an in-depth research project on a topic of their choice. After months of investigation, students created a culminating exhibit, paper, website, documentary, or performance. The competition, known as National History Day, develops valuable skills that will last a lifetime. Congratulations to all our students for a job well done, and best wishes to those moving on to the District 6 Virginia History Day Contest!

District 6 Virginia History Day Contest Participants

Student NameTopicProject Type
Jailah SmithRacism in the Women’s Suffrage MovementExhibit
Porter RedgateHow the Atomic Bomb Changed WarfareExhibit
Tabatha CampbellRosie the Riveter and the Second Wave of FeminismExhibit
Easton Hendrickson
Mikey Sandberg
Oliver Hayes
Ty Smith
Tanks: The Invention that Changed How War Was Fought ForeverExhibit
Jocelyn Day
Evie Pick
Cristian Tucker
Adriana Mathias
The Black Death: A Historical Event That Influenced Modern MedicineExhibit
Griffin HarrisThe Frontier and Evolution of Motion PicturesExhibit
Sophia Plaskon
Robyn Franks
World War II: The War That Changed Women’s Lives ForeverDocumentary
Caroline Schultz
Eleanor Davis
A New Frontier: How Valentina Tereshkova Led Women into STEMWebsite
Will ZiegerThe Native American Civil Rights Movement: A Transformation of PerspectivePaper
Riley YuTranscontinental Railroad and Chinese workersPaper

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