October 2022 Heroes of Hope

Published On: October 20th, 2022

Cari Slade, Matthew Whaley Elementary School

Cari Slade is a phenomenal special education teacher and a remarkable teammate.  She offered to switch classes with one of our new teachers to best support our school students.  We know this was not an easy decision, but it speaks volumes about how much she cares for her teammates and students.  We are so grateful to have her on our special education team – she truly models that she is all in for all our students.

Shannon Mitchell, Bright Beginnings at Norge Elementary School

Ms. Shannon is the epitome of a hero of hope! She has the heart of gold,  the desire to see her special needs preschoolers succeed, and a sense of humor. My son, or should I say our family, had the privilege of getting to know Ms. Shannon last year. She spent all year trying to figure out how to make my son emerge from his shell; a little boy who entered her class nonverbal and afraid of hugs, left her class hugging everyone, talking and full of personality! He’s now not afraid to tell everyone who will listen “that’s his Ms. Shannon”. She still gets her hugs and doesn’t turn one down. Even though he’s in a different classroom this year, she still makes sure that he’s getting everything he needs to succeed and checks on him regularly.

Sarah Tope, James Blair Middle School

She has inspired my daughter to learn and enjoy it, my daughter had no interest in schoolwork due to reading problems and no teacher giving attention towards her strengths and weaknesses, this person did and my daughter has thrived in school ever since.

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