October 2023 Heroes of Hope

Published On: October 30th, 2023

Anna Taylor, James Blair Middle School

“Mrs. Taylor is warm, kind, approachable and invested in the students at James Blair. She knows them by name and reminds them that her door is always open to them. She excels at being the link between parents and students as she strives to do what’s best for the student. Her communications and insights are very much appreciated.”

Keith Wright, Lafayette High School

“Mr. Wright has gone above and beyond what we ever would have expected to help our daughter feel comfortable at school this year. For the past 2 years she has not been able to finish out the school year in person because of crippling anxiety. She was struggling with virtual versus in person entering the 9th grade and decided to give Lafayette a chance. His proactive approach with her in these first 3 weeks of school has made a world of difference! She’s gone from crying before and after every school day to wanting to now participate in after school clubs. Her confidence is in a much healthier place and she’s finding her ability to be happy again! Her therapist said it best last week when he remarked about how different she is now versus over the summer: ‘I wish all of my kids had a Mr. Wright in their life. He’s done more for her in 3 weeks than we accomplished in 3 months.’ Mr. Wright is a gift to every child (and family) he supports! He deserves every bit of recognition for what he does.”

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