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Published On: October 16th, 2020

Cathy Kaurich, Bright Beginnings, Norge Elementary School

Nominated By: Shannon Mitchell, WJCC Schools Staff

Cathy is definitely a Bright Beginnings HERO! She has worked at Bright Beginnings for what seems to be forever. She is an assistant at Norge Bright Beginnings but has also filled in at other locations in the past. She has worked summer school many times, as well. Cathy goes above and beyond for both students and staff in almost every classroom. She has always purchased toys, clothing, backpacks, birthday gifts, food, and whatever else you can possibly think of for our students (many students in our center). If she hears of a student or a teacher in need of an item or supplies, those items almost always “mysteriously” show up on the teacher’s desk the next day. She has been known to create birthday bags for multiple classes to give to each child on their birthday, filled with books and a toy. Cathy’s heart is always on other people. Whenever someone in our Norge Bright Beginnings family suffers the loss of a loved one, a star or tree planted “in memory of” shows up on that person’s desk. She participates in so many charity events, especially the ones for WJCC that benefit our students and community, such as walks to raise money and the Norge Relay for Life events. She amazes me with her energy to participate in sports, such as volleyball and many community walk races. She plays on the Norge Volleyball team, which amazes me after exhausting school days. She is always willing to lend a hand, idea and/or resources to anyone around her. To top all of this off, she has never missed a full day of work!  Anyone that knows Cathy at Norge Bright Beginnings, would say the same thing about her character and kind giving heart. She is truly a wonderful person and colleague.


Jen Smith, James River Elementary School

Nominated By: Heidi Meadows, WJCC Schools Staff

Jen Smith is a wonder-worker. I honestly don’t understand how she is able to accomplish all that she does in a day. She gives me hope that we can, and will, make a difference in the lives of our students. Jen facilitates several social skills groups, she does check-in/check-out with our most at-risk students, she helps families in trauma, she promotes positive discipline, and she does it all with a smile on her face. I am thankful every day that she is the counselor at our school.


Becky Walker, Jamestown High School

Nominated By: J. Harvey Stone, WJCC Schools Staff

Becky is the head custodian at Jamestown. She cares about our building, our staff, and above all our students. She establishes real relationships and is a great example for others in the ability to make meaningful relationships that add value to our organization.


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