Pilot of Weapon Detection System Conducted

Published On: May 5th, 2023

WJCC Schools regularly reviews safety and security processes and procedures to ensure our learning environments – and our students and staff – are protected and can safely engage in learning. On Thursday, April 20, during arrival, James Blair Middle School supported the division’s one-day trial of a weapons detection system.

Detection systems like this are already used for many WJCC sporting events, and you are likely familiar with them from entrances to theme parks, larger sporting events, and air travel. The division is exploring what daily school day use of a system like this would look like at secondary schools – logistically, practically, and financially. As the smallest secondary school, JBMS was selected as the trial site to determine the implications of implementing a system like this, while causing minimal disruption.

As the division continues to explore these and other security enhancements, updates will be shared with families and staff.

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