During the January 7 school board meeting, members welcomed Greg Dowell to the Williamsburg-James City County School Board. This was Dowell’s first formal meeting as the representative of the Stonehouse District of James City County.

As part of the Board’s organizational matters, Lisa Ownby was re-appointed as board chair. Ownby joined the school board in 2016 representing the Powhatan District of James City County. This is her second term as chair.

Julie Hummel (City of Williamsburg) and Jim Kelly (Jamestown District – JCC) were selected for a second term as vice-chair and parliamentarian respectively. Hummel has served on the school board since 2016 and was recently re-appointed by the Williamsburg City Council for a second term. Kelly joined the school board in 2010 and has represented both the Jamestown and Berkeley districts of James City County during his tenure.

In addition to reaffirming the three leadership roles, the Board approved its 2020 meeting calendar along with the following board and committee assignments:

  • WHRO – Dr. James Beers
  • New Horizons – Mr. Jim Kelly
  • 21st Century and Career Ready Advisory Committee – Mrs. Sandra Young
  • Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) – Mrs. Kyra Cook
  • Student Advisory Committee – Mr. Greg Dowell and Mrs. Sandra Young
  • Policy Committee – Mrs. Julie Hummel and Mr. James Beers
  • School Liaison Committee – Ms. Lisa Ownby and Mrs. Kyra Cook