September 2022 Heroes of Hope

Published On: September 23rd, 2022

Hugh Beard, Lafayette High School

“It is very easy to see the profound amount of passion that Mr. Beard has for his work and the subjects that he teaches. Before I met him, I used to think that school was nothing more than a quest for grades. After being in his class, though, I have come to learn that learning is about so much more than a grade; it is about passion and exposing oneself to the world. This person has inspired me to find and pursue my own passions rather than chase after the almighty ‘A’. Thank you, Mr. Beard.”

Meghann McKnight, Jamestown High School

“Mrs. McKnight is so positive and supportive of the students and they appreciate and love her. She always makes extra time available after class and sends her students notes of encouragement. Our son said when she dyed her hair she told the students it helped her to be located quickly during one of the school tests so they would realize she was there for them. Her summary notes were always a joy to read. We are very grateful our son had her for a teacher.”

Deedee Chantry, Bright Beginnings at Laurel Lane Elementary School

“Mrs. Chantry made every day so exciting for my pre-schooler! She went above and beyond to ensure that each student was well taken care of. She taught my son so much and we were so impressed by how much he learned during the school year! We ran into her in town and she gave our son the biggest hug and was genuinely excited to see him! How thankful we are that our son had her as a teacher this year!”

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