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Published On: May 1st, 2020

At a time when many people are feeling anxious, one Williamsburg family is sharing a message of hope. June Yuiska and her granddaughter are creating special ribbons to show their appreciation for healthcare and frontline workers. It started with an at-home lesson about community and has grown into something much greater.

Hope Ribbon on tree“I wanted to share with my granddaughters that we can make good come out of any situation so long as we do it together,” said Yuiska. “Abigail is learning to read and write, so how better to do it than making a Ribbon of Hope. Our word of the week was HOPE. We practiced stamping and tracing while creating a beautiful ribbon.”

Abigail is a Bright Beginnings student at Norge Elementary School. Her grandmother knows that the young girl will face many obstacles over the years, and that resilience will be essential.

“It is very important to keep to your values and stay strong,” Yuiska shared. “It is ok to lean on others at times in need as many in our country are doing now. And there is hope for healing. I want her to learn a good lesson out of this situation and grow from it.”

Hope Ribbons

The family’s inspirational message is resonating with their friends and neighbors. Driving through their community, you will see dozens of purple ribbons tied to trees and mailboxes. WJCC Schools is displaying a Ribbon of Hope at each school and office building in the division.

“We made some for my daughter-in-law who works in the medical field as well as a few of our neighbors who are considered to be essential personnel,” Yuiska explained. “Others started requesting one, and now we have made over 100 ribbons.”

According to Yuiska, the ribbons also symbolize hope for new beginnings and the healing that will come after the pandemic. She says she is committed to making ribbons as long as she has supplies.

“I have a basket that I set out at the end of the yard for people to grab one as they pass when they are out and about on their daily walk,” Yuiska shared. “It would be amazing to see others spreading hope by making Ribbons of Hope as well. Together, we can line the roads and show support in a small way, so when the essential personnel are on their way to work, they know we care.”

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