State Superintendent Lisa Coons visits WJCC Schools

Published On: May 7th, 2024

WJCC Schools Superintendent Dr. Olwen Herron welcomed Virginia State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Lisa Coons, and the Virginia Department of Education team to WJCC Schools on Friday, May 3. The group visited two schools, Clara Byrd Baker Elementary and Jamestown High, where students and staff shared their accomplishments.

At Clara Byrd Baker, the group participated in a hands-on science activity, led by 5th grade students, where they built circuits to power lightbulbs, explored conductors and insulators, and discovered static electricity with balloons. Third grade students later demonstrated how they apply their literacy skills to all subject areas, including through scientific reading about change in living organisms through decay and the importance of soil nutrients and conservation.

At Jamestown, three student leaders, two teachers and the school principal, Mr. Townsend, highlighted the Nest system.  Within this system, each student and staff member are assigned to one of five “nests” within the high school, regardless of their grade level or work position. The “Nests” provide opportunities for students to connect with each other across grade levels, build positive relationships with staff, and instill a sense of healthy competition at Jamestown. This system builds student engagement, increases attendance, and boosts the overall climate across the school.

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