Stay Well and Keep Learning; 8 Habits for a Healthy Winter

Published On: December 1st, 2023

While cooler temperatures don’t necessarily cause illness, dry air and closer contact indoors can increase exposure and limit our ability to fight germs. To keep students and staff in classrooms and promote important learning time, consider these habits for a healthy winter.

  1. Stay hydrated. One of the best things you can do is drink enough water to help fight viruses. Aim to drink half an ounce of water, or more, for each pound you weigh.
  2. Wash hands regularly. Touching infected surfaces is the most common way to pick up the flu and other germs.
  3. Avoid touching your face. Germs are easily transmitted through your nose, mouth, and eyes as gateways into your body.
  4. Keep surfaces clean. Regularly wipe high-touch surfaces like light switches, keyboards, and doorknobs with solutions that kill bacteria and viruses.
  5. Get vaccinated. Flu and COVID vaccines, offered throughout the community, are the best way to avoid having severe illness. Learn more about COVID testing through the health department and accessing free at-home teststhrough the federal government.
  6. Make sleep a priority. Our bodies repair and restore themselves while we sleep. Consistent sleep of six to eight hours per day strengthens our immunity.
  7. Eat well. Fueling your body with a healthy, colorful diet can increase your intake of immune-boosting vitamins.
  8. Exercise daily. Exercising even 15 minutes per day is recommended to keep you strong and healthy during winter by flushing bacteria from your lungs.

Here’s to a safe and healthy winter season for our WJCC Schools community!

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