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Published On: August 27th, 2021

We understand that parents and families want to know what measures are in place to reduce the spread of illness in our schools. To help keep you informed, we put together a quick reference guide to WJCC Schools Prevention Measures. In addition, air filtration systems and filters were upgraded last school year in response to the pandemic. Finally, we have encouraged schools to open classroom windows as appropriate based on weather conditions to help increase the flow of air.

Since lunch is when most students will remove their masks, individual schools developed plans based on the layout of the building and the number of students enrolled to create the greatest physical distancing possible at mealtime. At elementary schools, air purifiers are in each cafeteria. Students will either eat in their classrooms or be seated at every other seat in the cafeteria. At middle and high schools, seating will be increased by using outdoor and commons areas in addition to the cafeteria.

As was the practice last year, school nurses will lead the contact tracing process and families will be notified directly when positive COVID cases are reported in a class/school.

Working as a community, we can all help keep our children healthy!


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