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Published On: January 8th, 2021

This is perhaps the most-asked question of students as you approach the end of your high school years. It is also the question you may dread the most, as you may not have an answer just yet.

Career Coaches help students define their career aspirations and determine the path to get there.  They provide students with guidance related to career assessments and assist with exploration of career and college options. They can also assist with questions regarding scholarships and financial aid, the FAFSA, workforce and vocational training, and much more.

Sherri Thrift

Ms. Thrift serves as the WJCC division Career Coach and works with students at Jamestown and Lafayette. In addition to the above career coach assistance, Ms. Thrift also works with students and employers to create “career connections” for students, including job shadowing and internships, and works with partners to develop career exploration and readiness programs and events. Current high school students are able to set up appointments with Ms. Thrift to assist in their own career exploration.  To meet with Ms. Thrift, email .

Suzanne Lindley

Ms. Lindley serves as the Career Coach for Warhill High School students. In addition to serving Warhill students, Ms. Lindley also serves as the point of contact for Thomas Nelson Community College information and enrollment. For an appointment with Ms. Lindley, email .

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