WJCC launches Counselor Connect for students and families

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Published On: April 22nd, 2020

School counselors have an essential role in supporting students’ academic and personal success. During this time of learning at home, their job is even more critical. Through Counselor Connect, school counselors are available by email and phone to help students who are having difficulty adjusting to the new routine or to answer questions about academic and course planning.

Elementary School

Counselor School Phone
Ashley Green Clara Byrd Baker Elementary 757-914-0867
Ginnie Szczypinski Clara Byrd Baker Elementary 757-914-0892
Robert Hill D.J. Montague Elementary 757-914-0881
Erin Harris J.Blaine Blayton Elementary 757-914-0863
Jennifer Smith James River Elementary 757-914-0874
Amy Meister Laurel Lane Elementary 757-914-0873
Destiney Harris Matoaka Elementary 757-914-0876
Traci Kester Matoaka Elementary 757-914-0891
Ashley Green Matthew Whaley Elementary 757-914-0867
Kendall Almasian Matthew Whaley Elementary 757-914-0870
Jena Brown Norge Elementary 757-914-0895
Sherry Jicka Norge Elementary 757-914-0860
Claire Brantley Stonehouse Elementary 757-914-0865
Shelley Gilbert Stonehouse Elementary 757-914-0885

Middle School

Counselor School Phone
Janeen Jackson Berkeley Middle School 757-914-0884
Maribeth Ewing Berkeley Middle School 757-814-0854
Erin Edwards Lois S. Hornsby Middle 757-914-0894
Heidi Lally Lois S. Hornsby Middle 757-914-0864
Josh Denny Lois S. Hornsby Middle 757-914-0887
Laura Kuthy James Blair Middle School 757-914-0893
Leigh Pottle James Blair Middle School 757-914-0896
Brandi White Toano Middle School 757-914-0889
Kendall McLeod Toano Middle School 757-914-0879

High School

Counselor School Phone
Gary Breaux Jamestown High School 757 914-0880
Jen Smethurst Jamestown High School 757-914-0871
Jessica Switzer Jamestown High School 757-914-0872
Addison Snyder Lafayette High School 757-914-0866
Kati Rutherford Lafayette High School 757-914-0869
Patrick Moore Lafayette High School 757-914-0890
Quincy Marrow Lafayette High School 757-914-0875
Charna Moss-Gregory Warhill High School 757-914-0888
Ella Knight Warhill High School 757-914-0883
Kendall Walker Warhill High School 757-914-0862
Lesley Miller Warhill High School 757-914-0882
Suzanne Hart Warhill High School 757-914-0886