WJCC Schools launches Engage with Us portal

Published On: September 13th, 2022

WJCC Schools regularly seeks involvement, engagement, and feedback from its community on a variety of topics. For stakeholders’ ease, all future opportunities to engage with WJCC Schools will be consolidated under our Engage with Us portal 

Involvement opportunities may be different from one another and may vary throughout the year. Stakeholders may express an interest in volunteering for a one-time opportunity or at regular intervals, may seek to serve on a team, committee, or work group, may complete a survey, or more. Current engagement opportunities include:  

  • Family Life Education Community Involvement Team (CIT) 
  • Families of students with IEPs: Workshop scheduling survey 
  • Communications Tool Feedback Group 
  • Volunteer with WJCC Schools 

The portal will be updated with the latest division-wide opportunities throughout the year; you may still receive school-specific opportunities directly from your child’s school. Reminders about the Engage with Us portal will be shared regularly.  

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