CNS Partnership

“I’m seeing new faces in the cafeteria line – students who have not bought school lunch before the salad bars were introduced.­” CNS Manager testimonial

“€I work at Toano Middle School and I must say, out of the three school districts I have worked in, Toano by far has the best cooks!!  I had to let you know that they are a terrific bunch of ladies and they CAN COOK!”
 WJCC Employee

“€If you have time someday, have lunch with your student and see the high fives, the smiles and the words of support that these people (the cafeteria staff) give your child every day.  If you see them going about the school, making it a nicer place, maybe give them a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart.”
€“ WJCC Parent

Making healthy foods available and accessible in schools is central to the success of SHIP and its mission. The WJCC Child Nutrition Services (CNS) department provides healthy foods and beverages to both staff and students, following guidelines of the National School Breakfast and Lunch program. SHIP and CNS work in collaboration to create healthier menus and meals, train CNS managers and staff, and promote healthy eating within the school and cafeterias.

The SHIP partnership with WJCC Child Nutrition Services has as its goal the continuous improvement of food and beverage offerings in the school cafeterias and vending machines so that students and staff will have healthier choices.  The first phase of the partnership (2006-2009) had 14 goals related to cafeteria offerings, student consumption, and marketing healthy changes and nutrition education.  Phase 2 (2009-2012) goals were to continue to increase the healthfulness of cafeteria offerings while increasing participation.  The goals also addressed nutrition education and healthy behaviors, and marketing and promotion.  Finally, there were goals to support personal wellness and professional excellence for the CNS Staff, who are key and essential to the success of the partnership.  Phase 3 (2012-13) goals had an increased focus on nutrition education. Phase 4 goals (2013-2016) have been merged with the new Division 5 Year Strategic Plan and focus on offering healthy, nutritious, diverse, appealing and consistent food and beverage options. Phase 4 will also target educating stakeholders about healthy eating and healthy school meals.