Beth Berry, B.A.

Wellness Integration Specialist

Schools: Matoaka, Clara Byrd Baker, and DJ Montague

Rachel Lenahan, B.S.

Wellness Integration Specialist

Schools: James River, Matthew Whaley, and J.B. Blayton


Tammy Underwood, M.Ed.

Wellness Integration Specialist

Schools: Stonehouse, Norge and Laurel Lane

Program Overview

“Since working with you, I want to get them up as much as possible instead of having them sit and watch me walk around as I review answers.” – WJCC Teacher

“This is exactly what I was looking for!!  You make it seem so easy, I plan on doing more of your activities too.” – WJCC Teacher

The kids call your class SFL for Super Fun Learning.” – WJCC Teacher

The Wellness Integration Program empowers elementary classroom teachers so that they are motivated, skilled, and comfortable integrating physical activity and nutrition information into the classroom. Wellness Integration Program Specialists (WIPS):

  • train teachers to integrate physical activity into the classroom through activity breaks and Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) based active learning lessons.  These lessons use kinesthetic learning and physical activity to engage students and increase their activity level – optimizing their ability to learn.
  • teach nutrition lessons to Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students providing essential knowledge for students to make healthy choices.
  • provide resources to teachers including active lesson plans, physical activity supplies and equipment, and alternative seating (stability balls, wobble stool, bouncy bands) to make every classroom an active classroom.
  • facilitate school-wide activities such as the morning Yoga stretch after the pledge of allegiance, fruit and veggie eating contests, and increased physical activity at recess through recess conflict resolution training and recess supply packs.

Program Resources

As a result of the program, hundreds of lessons have been compiled that promote healthy eating and physical activity or both.  The lessons are grouped by grade level, subject, and SOL.


The Wellness Integration Program began in one school of the division with one specialist.  The program now employs three specialists and has expanded to all nine of the division’s elementary schools.   Wellness Integration is no longer just a WJCC school division program.  Beginning in the fall of 2010, SHIP has provided training to other school divisions, many of whom are replicating the SHIP program throughout Virginia.