Canvas is a web-based learning management system which brings together all digital resources and tools that students and teachers use daily during various aspects of a lesson, whether in the classroom or at home. Designed specifically for the K-12 environment, the program is comprehensive and easy to use. It includes a calendar for posting important due dates and reminders, pages with content built-in and with links to other class resources, discussion boards to foster engaging, educational dialogue, and assignments with drop-boxes for work submission. Canvas also integrates with Microsoft Office365 tools, making access to OneDrive and other apps seamless. In short, it is a hub for teaching and learning and for communication about student skill development and learning achievement.

While Canvas is primarily a web-based program, there are free apps that can be used to access Canvas from a mobile device.

IMPORTANT NOTE: VUE remains the official grade book for WJCC Schools. While feedback and grades may be visible in Canvas, refer to StudentVUE and ParentVUE for official grades. Final grades in Canvas may not reflect your child’s final grade.

Logging in to Canvas

To access Canvas, click on the appropriate button below. Teachers and students, enter your Office365 account information when prompted. Parents, enter the login information you entered when creating your account.

Parent/Guardian Accounts

Williamsburg-James City County Schools adopted the Canvas Learning Management System for our WJCC Virtual Learning Program, and high school blended learning courses in 2015. We expanded the use of the program to include all middle and high school courses for the 2020-21 school year and further expanded to all K-12 classes for the 2021-22 school year. We are confident that this tool will be an invaluable resource for supporting student learning and the organization of digital resources.

Parents/guardians have the ability to create an “observer” account to access information about their child’s courses, including a course calendar, resources, progress, teacher feedback, and more. Observers have limited, view-only access to the courses.

Canvas Support & Resources

Still need help?

For assistance with course content, lessons, assignments, etc., please contact your child’s teacher.

For technical assistance, please visit Technology Support.

What’s the Difference Between Canvas & VUE?

Canvas is a learning management system designed to manage, deliver, and produce instructional content. It’s where you’ll find lessons and assignments. VUE is a student information system that functions as a repository for student records and data. It’s where you’ll see course announcements and information and where you will go for communication.