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Online pre-registration a self-guided process completed on a secure website to gather the majority of required registration information. Online pre-registration is a more streamlined and efficient way to collect accurate and up-to-date student information.

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If you have never been a parent in WJCC Schools, please create a new ParentVUE account.

Why Online Pre-Registration?

The Online Pre-Registration service makes school registration easier for parents by increasing efficiency by lessening the amount of paperwork required of parents/guardians, especially those who are registering multiple students.

  • Online pre-registration may be completed on any computer with internet access.

  • Every WJCC School has a computer available for online pre-registration for families that wish to complete the process at the school.

  • Throughout the process, information may be saved and returned to repeatedly to complete pre-registration.

  • The online pre-registration process is required for all new WJCC Schools students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Pre-Registration?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T09:33:06-05:00

Parents/legal guardians of new WJCC students may pre-register their children for the current or next school year (available in beginning late May/early April). Students previously enrolled in a WJCC school may also be pre-registered. Once parents/legal guardians submit the pre-registration, parents must call the school to schedule a face to face meeting to finalize the registration. You will need to bring all required paperwork to this meeting.

Online Pre-Registration Highlights:

  • Parents and legal guardians can complete all pre-registration information online from any internet enabled computer (all WJCC schools have an available computer for this purpose if needed).
  • Parents may save their work and return to finish later. Completing the pre-registration in one sitting is not required.
  • Available for current WJCC parents and parents new to the District.
  • The portal is available in both English and Spanish.
  • Parents/legal guardians must pre-register all their children new to WJCC at the same time.
  • Pre-registration screens guide parents/legal guardians and ensure that all screens and fields are completed.
  • Students will be pre-registered at their zoned school. Parents may monitor the status of the pre-registration after it is submitted.
What Information Should I gather to begin Online Pre-Registration?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T09:33:41-05:00

The following documents will also need to be presented when meeting with the school official to complete the registration process.

  • Student’s Birth Certificate.
  • Emergency contact phone numbers(s); someone other than parents/legal guardians.
  • Doctor’s office contact information.
  • Immunization record.
  • Previous school address and contact information.
Our family is new to Williamsburg-James City County. Should I pre-register all my children at once, or start a new pre-registration process for each child?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T09:34:11-05:00

The ParentVUE account that is created for the registering parent will be linked to all the students in the family. You must enter the information for all of your children enrolling in the district prior to clicking on the Submit button to finalize the pre-registration.

Keep in mind that the portal saves the information as you step through the process. You may log out and return to complete at any time.

I do not have access to a computer. Do I have to register online?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T09:34:34-05:00

Online Pre-Registration is a service that is being offered as an efficiency to parents/legal guardians. Parents may enter as much or as little information in the initial session and return repeatedly to complete the pre-registration process. Additionally, a computer will be available at each WJCC school if needed, please inquire with the school’s registrar for assistance.

My student previously attended WJCC. May I use the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal to pre-register?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T09:35:02-05:00

Yes, any student who previously attended a WJCC school, but is not currently enrolled, may be pre-registered using the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal.

Should I use the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal to register any of my current WJCC Schools students for the upcoming school year?WJCC Schools2019-12-04T12:22:51-05:00

The ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal should only be used to pre-register a student who is not currently attending a WJCC school. Current WJCC students will be enrolled in their proper grade level and zoned school based on attendance zones for the upcoming school year.

Is the Pre-Registration information kept private and secure?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T09:55:37-05:00

The ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal has a number of features designed to make the system safe and secure for maintaining the registration information. First, the URL begins with https://, rather than the standard http://. This indicates that the information contained on that page is secure and encrypted. This is similar to what you would see in the URL for online banking or any e-commerce site.

The primary method for keeping the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal secure, however, is to keep your password confidential, and to always logout of the system.

Is my child’s pre-registration information available to anyone on the internet?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T09:56:01-05:00

Although the website is accessible over the internet, access to your students’ information is secured by a user name and password. Parents can view pre-registration information for their children only. They cannot access the records of other families.

How do I navigate the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T10:09:27-05:00

The pre-registration process is driven by a menu of seven content areas. The <<Previous and Save and Continue>> buttons are used to move from one content area to the next and data is automatically saved as you step through the screens.

Specific workflows guide the registering parent/legal guardian to ensure that all required screens and fields are completed. Required fields are marked by an asterisk (*). You cannot advance through the process unless you enter data in these fields.

I am having difficulty entering my home address.WJCC Schools2019-11-07T10:09:58-05:00

The ParentVue Online Pre-Registration portal goes through an address validation procedure as the home address is entered. The green checkmark that appears indicates that the entered address is within an WJCC attendance zone. It is important to enter the appropriate information into each field so that the address may be validated.

Common issues to avoid:

  • Entering the street type (Ct., Pl., Ave., etc.) in the Street field; this part of the address should be entered in the Type field.
  • Entering direction (S, SE, N, NE etc.) in the Street field; this part of the address should be entered in either the Direction or Post Direction fields.

If your home address still fails to validate, please contact staff at your child’s zoned school for assistance.

My home address includes an apartment building letter/number. How should I enter the address?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T10:10:20-05:00

If your family lives in an apartment/townhome building whose address contains a building letter or number designation, the building letter/number should be entered in the Street field after the street name, and not entered in the Street Number field.  You will need to use a # before the building letter/number. Please see the following example:

3000 School Street #Z, Williamsburg, VA 23188

If you cannot enter a valid home address, please contact staff at your child’s zoned school.

I am a parent of an existing WJCC student. My child is listed in the Students to enroll section. How do I proceed?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T10:10:40-05:00

Current and graduated WJCC students will appear in your list of students to enroll. You must not include them in the pre-registration process. Click on the Exclude button (not Delete) next to each of your children who are currently attending WJCC or have graduated to remove these students from the pre-registration process. This does not change their enrollment or delete any data held by WJCC for the student. It only removes their data from the pre-registration “packet” you submit. Add your new student to this list by clicking on the Add New Student button and continue through the process.

Should I add myself or my spouse as an emergency contact?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T10:11:02-05:00

It is not necessary to add yourself or spouse as an emergency contact. You should add the information for the non-registering parent in the Parent/Guardian screens, and not enter him/her as an emergency contact.

In the Parent/Guardian Relationship screen there are multiple checkboxes. Must they all be selected for each parent/legal guardian?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T10:11:19-05:00

You should select all the checkboxes on this screen unless you have legal documentation you can provide to the school that indicates otherwise.

Can I print a copy of the Online Pre-registration information?WJCC Schools2019-11-07T10:11:49-05:00

If you have not yet submitted the Online Pre-registration, click on the Review button on the final Review/Submit screen to access the Print button. You will then be able to print the submitted information.

If you have already submitted the Online Pre-registration, log back into the Online Pre-Registration site. Click on the Status tab and click on the Review button. You will then be able to print the submitted information.