A student residing in the City of Williamsburg or James City County may be considered to attend a school outside of their assigned attendance zone under one of these conditions:

  1. Renewal Request: Students currently approved for out-of-zone placement may continue to request out-of-zone placement for current school only. Renewal requests must continue to meet one of the eligibility criteria.
  2. Child of full-time WJCC School Employee: resident or non-resident employee (Policy JC)
  3. Child Care: care provided by a caregiver whose address is in a school zone different from the student’s zone school (Policy JC) based on space availability. Child Care is not applicable for middle or high school students.

Directions to complete the Out-of-Zone Request Application:

  1. Ensure your child meets one of the three criteria listed above.
  2. Click on the application icon to download it and save to your computer.
  3. Fill out the application completely, save again.
  4. Submit your completed form to your child’s current school or to Student Services via e-mail to suzi.mills@wjccschools.org.

The following procedure is used to determine student eligibility for an out-of-zone school placement:

  1. Current school will receive the application, complete the good standing information, and then forward the application to the requested school.
  2. The requested school’s principal will review the application and then forward the application to the Student Services Department for review and final determination.
  3. The Student Services department will make the final determination and notify the parents and the sending/receiving principal(s).

Additional considerations:

  1. Only students who are in good standing in their current school of attendance will be considered for an out-of-zone placement.
  2. Enrollment in the requested school may be determined by space availability in a grade level, in certain programs or in the school.
  3. Transportation to the requested school is the responsibility of the parent. Transportation will not be provided except where there is a childcare placement and then it must be from an existing bus stop without creating an overcrowding condition. Transportation for siblings of special needs students will not be provided on special needs buses.
  4. Except for rising freshmen, any high school student who chooses an initial out-of-zone school choice will be ineligible to compete in Virginia High School League-sponsored athletic or scholastic activities for 365 consecutive calendar days after being enrolled in the new school (VHSL Regulation 28-6-1).
  5. It is understood that the student is to abide by school board attendance policies and the conduct code as provided in the student code of conduct handbook. The privilege of enrollment may be revoked if these guidelines are not followed.
  6. Enrollment, if approved, will be for the duration of one year. Continued enrollment is dependent upon an annual review of space available, program availability and the student remaining in good standing.
  7. The parent/guardian must notify the school of any change in address or guardianship of the student.
  8. Due to space consideration, applications submitted after July 1st may not be considered until after the first ten days of school. The student will need to attend their zoned school until the application is processed.
  9. Out-of-zone requests will not be considered after September 15th.
  10. WJCC reserves the right to revoke student eligibility at any time.

For WJCC School Employees:

  1. All full-time employee applications must request the school closest to the place of employment of the parent/legal guardian according to the mileage chart published by the finance department.
  2. Work location for other relatives will not be considered.
  3. Children of employees cannot be in the parent workspace while parent is fulfilling contract work requirements.
  4. Full-time employment must remain in effect for out-of-zone attendance to continue.

For Renewal Applications:

  1. Students currently approved for an out-of-zone placement should reapply annually during the renewal window of March 1st-March 31stApplications will be reviewed for continued attendance at the requested school.
  2. For renewal applications received during the renewal window (March 1st to March 31st) a letter of final determination will be mailed by April 30th.
  3. For all other applications received before July 1st, a letter of final determination will be mailed the last week of July.

For New Applications:

  1. Applications for new requests for the upcoming school year will be accepted beginning April 1st.
  2. Students new to WJCC must first register to attend their zoned school before the application can be processed (except in the case of a non-resident employee).
  3. New requests include all initial requests and current out-of-zone students transitioning to a new school level (5th to 6th grade and 8th to 9th grade).
  4. Approval of new requests will be granted based on eligibility on one of the established criteria and space availability.
  5. For all applications received before July 1st, a letter of final determination will be mailed the last week of July.

If you need additional help, please contact the Student Services department at (757) 603-6533.