Family Academy

Family Academy offers information and resources to promote student success, encourage meaningful involvement, and partnership. View a Family Academy workshop today!


School volunteers have a positive impact on student learning and enhancement opportunities. Become a volunteer today!


Partnerships between WJCC and community businesses and organizations broaden students’ academic, social, and career development. Become a partner today!

WJCC Schools’ Office of Family and Community Engagement cultivates meaningful, collaborative relationships with families and the community to support student learning. Through open communication, strategic partnerships, and increased family engagement, student experiences will be broadened to include the unique expertise and opportunities in our community.

When family members and community volunteers and partners collaborate with public education, students:

  • earn higher grades and test scores;
  • graduate from high school;
  • attend college/university;
  • increase self-confidence;
  • build stronger social skills;
  • acquire career readiness skills;
  • engage in hands-on career opportunities; and
  • learn more about citizenship in their communities.

Get involved today! Attend a Family Academy workshop or become a volunteer or partner. For more information, contact the Department of Communications & Engagement at (757) 603-6480.

Our Partners