Felicia Highland, Ed.D.
Felicia Highland, Ed.D.Coordinator of Equity and Engagement
Phone: (757) 603-6541

Volunteers Impact Education

WJCC Schools promotes and encourages the active involvement of community members in our division. School volunteers have a positive impact on student learning and enhancement opportunities. During the 2019-20 school year, volunteers donated over 30,000 hours to support our schools, an estimated service value of just over $773,000.

Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer in our schools. View the below list of available opportunities to match your skills or talents with needs in our school communities.

  • Complete a Volunteer Application, which will be routed to the designated school for review and approval.
  • For assistance with placement, please contact Dr. Felicia Highland in the Office of Communications and Engagement.

Your support is invaluable to our success.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  – Henry Ford

Join Our Team

School-based volunteer opportunities include: Classroom, Office, Media Center, Cafeteria and more.

Mentoring contributes to the academic and social success of students. If you would like to become a role model for a WJCC student, consider becoming a mentor. WJCC partners with Big Brothers & Big Sisters to provide mentoring opportunities. If you are interested, please contact the school-based coordinator at (757) 253-0676.

Help keep WJCC schools warm and inviting. If you enjoy gardening and/or craft projects, this is a great opportunity for you to share your talents.
Welcoming environments begin with greeting visitors. Friendly, outgoing individuals are needed to help welcome our families and guide them to their destinations.

Draw upon your career or hobby to help guide an extracurricular club. School clubs welcome expertise and enthusiastic individuals to help sponsor or assist them.

Volunteer to assist with planning or organizing special events in our schools. To learn about the types of events occurring in WJCC, visit the division or school calendars available on our website.
If you speak another language, you may be interested in helping non-native English speakers or helping our schools celebrate cultural diversity. Call Patricia Tilghman at (757) 603-6443 to learn about the different opportunities available to volunteers.
A meaningful way to academically engage students is by exposing them to curriculum-related career experiences and knowledge. If you have a skill, hobby, collection or story that could enrich the curriculum as a guest speaker, please contact a school directly to discuss your area of interest.

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Report to the main office to sign in and out of Ident-A-Kid
  • Wear visitor badges at all times during volunteer activities
  • Work under the direction and guidance of the WJCC staff
  • Work in partnership with WJCC staff to establish guidelines and expectations for volunteer activities
  • Communicate openly with WJCC staff on volunteer tasks, feedback, and any issues/concerns
  • Volunteers are expected to adhere to the Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement

Volunteers working with students are expected to adhere to the following:


As a volunteer, you may learn or observe confidential information about students. This may include grades, behaviors, disciplinary actions and more. It is imperative that this information remain confidential and not be shared with anyone.

To ensure confidentiality:

  • Volunteer agrees to protect the rights of staff, students and their families by not disclosing any information learned while volunteering.
  • Volunteer understands and agrees that any information learned while volunteering must remain confidential even when the volunteer has terminated their volunteer service.
  • Volunteer agrees that any breach of confidentiality may result in termination of volunteer service.
  • Volunteer also agrees to the following:
  • Volunteer agrees to comply with all Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools policies and school rules.
  • Volunteer agrees to comply with school staff while serving as a volunteer.
  • Volunteer further understands that the authorization to serve as a volunteer may be terminated at the discretion of the Superintendent and/or school principal at any time if they determine it is in the best interests of the school or students.