Volunteering at WJCC Schools is a fantastic way to make a difference in our community and help our schools shine even brighter! By giving your time and skills, you can support students, teachers, and staff in so many ways. Whether you’re interested in helping out in the classroom, assisting with school events, or sharing your expertise in a special project, there’s a place for you.

Ways to Help


Provide guidance, support, and encouragement to students to help them navigate academic and personal challenges.

School Beautification

Participate in projects to improve the school’s physical environment, such as painting, gardening, or cleanup efforts.

School Club

Assist in leading or supporting extracurricular clubs, offering students opportunities to explore interests and develop skills outside the classroom.

Special Events

Help organize and run school or division events like fairs, dances, or fundraisers, contributing to a vibrant school community.

ESL Program

Support English as a Second Language programs by helping non-native speakers improve their English skills, facilitating better integration and academic success.

Teacher Supply Shop

Help deliver classroom supply orders to teachers throughout the school division.

ALL in VA Tutoring

Engage in a statewide initiative aimed at improving educational outcomes for all Virginia students.

Volunteer Spotlight

  • Person

    Don Butts

    Don Butts and his therapy dog, Cody, visit Stonehouse every Monday morning to help students transition back to school after the weekend and check on teachers and staff members before school starts. They assist struggling students by walking them to class and welcoming other students at the car line and buses. They also circulate the building to check on upset students and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Mr. Don and Cody’s volunteer work focuses on social and emotional well-being, positively impacting more students than any other volunteer. We congratulate Mr. Butts on his designation as Stonehouse Elementary School’s 2023 Volunteer of the Year!