Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools (WJCC Schools) welcomes individual community members (volunteers) and businesses/organizations (partners) to work cooperatively in our schools to enrich the academic, social, and career development of our students. Volunteers and partners (businesses/organizations) broaden resources and experiences for our students and staff.

Volunteers and partners will comply with the following expectations and code of conduct when volunteering in WJCC Schools.


  • Volunteers and partners are expected to be 18 years or older with a valid photo identification.
  • Volunteers and partners are expected to report to a school’s main office to sign in and out for volunteer activities. Volunteers and partners are required to scan a valid identification each time they enter a building to volunteer.
  • Volunteers and partners must always wear the school-provided visitor/volunteer badge in a visible location at all times while in a school.
  • Volunteers and partners are expected to perform activities under the direct supervision of the school staff and/or principal.
  • Volunteers and partners will be accountable for their time and commitment to the school community. They should contact the school’s front office if unable to volunteer at their scheduled time.
  • Volunteers and partners are expected to comply with WJCC Schools’ policies and school rules. (wjccschools.org/about-wjcc/leadership/school-board/)

Code of Conduct:

  • Confidentiality: Volunteers and partners will protect the rights of staff, students, and families by not disclosing any information learned while volunteering. It is imperative that information remain confidential and not be shared with anyone other than the designated school/department staff.
  • Professionalism: Volunteers and partners will model respectful, professional behavior by complying with school staff and dressing appropriately when performing volunteer duties.