Williamsburg-James City County Public School’s Child Nutrition Services program provides students with nutritious and professionally prepared meals that are served in a pleasant atmosphere. Children who eat well-balanced meals are more prepared to learn.

The following procedures will be followed:

  1. Food trays will not be taken away from students.
  2. Students who qualify for free meals will not be denied a reimbursable meal even if they have a negative balance on their cafeteria account.
  3. Students who have money to pay for a reduced-price or full price meal at the time of service must be provided a meal. CNS will not use the money to repay a negative balance or other unpaid meal charge debt.
  4. Students will not be made to work for their meal or to work to settle any unpaid meal charges. In addition, students will not be labeled with a hand stamp, sticker, wristband, or identified in any other way if they cannot pay for a meal or have an unpaid meal charge.
  5. Students will be allowed to charge two meals without money. This includes breakfast and/or lunch. Students who charge will receive a reimbursable meal. No charges for a la carte food items will be permitted.
  6. After two charges, the student will be offered an alternate meal consisting of a sandwich, fruit, and milk; however, CNS does consider a student’s dietary restrictions when providing the alternate meal.
  7. A phone call/email will be made to the parent(s)/guardian of elementary students before the next lunch day, following the negative charge.
  8. Cafeteria managers will send a Low Balance Notice to the elementary students’ parent(s)/guardian whenever their account balance reaches the threshold of $6.00.
  9. My School Bucks sends low balance alerts to parents with My School Bucks accounts. This alert must be set-up by the parent(s)/guardian.
  10. Cafeteria managers will send a Negative Balance Notice to students’ parent(s)/guardian whenever their account balance is in the negative.
  11. If money is not placed on the account (the day following the negative charge), the student will be provided an alternate meal. CNS does consider a student’s dietary restrictions when providing that alternative meal.
  12. CNS will send an e-mail to the parent(s)/guardian of students with delinquent meal charges older than 30 days.
  13. Households with questions or needing assistance may contact Child Nutrition Services at 757-565-3838.