SchooLinks is a modern, college and career readiness platform to prepare students for what comes after graduation. SchooLinks helps students discover their interests and strengths, explore colleges and careers, and create an individualized career and academic plan that best reflects their post-secondary goals. SchooLinks at WJCC Schools is accessible in 6th-12th grades by students and their parents.

SchooLinks features are incredibly user-friendly and were designed to streamline the college and career readiness workflow for students, counselors, and staff.

Students and families can:

  • Access career interest, strength and mindset surveys
  • Explore 2-year and 4-year colleges
  • Create course plans based on career pathways
  • Take virtual reality college campus tours
  • Explore traditional, emerging and military career fields
  • Create digital portfolios / resumes
  • Communicate with counselors

Teachers, counselors, and staff can:

  • Centralize all student info in one place (course plans, resumes, transcripts, scores, etc)
  • Track students’ college applications
  • Send electronic transcripts and supporting documents
  • 3-way communication among students, parents, counselors

How do I get parent access?

“Claim codes” are used by a guardian to associate a student to his or her account. Guardians will need a code for each student they wish to claim. Students can provide their guardian with a claim code using the following steps:

  1. Sign into Office 365
  2. Open the App panel
  3. Click on SchooLinks
  4. From your Dashboard, click on the Gear Icon to access the Manage Account option.
  5. Click on Your Guardians under Account Settings. Then click on View Guardian Instructions and Unique Claim Code. Your guardian can use this code to claim you as a student.