Williamsburg James City County Schools is committed to providing all students with up-to-date, high-quality textbooks and instructional materials to support their learning. In most cases, these resources are available to students at no cost; however, there are certain courses that include a student fee. In those instances, WJCC Schools offers materials to students at a discounted cost as outlined in School Board Policy JN. For students and families who are financially unable to pay the fee, assistance is available by completing a waiver form. Questions related to student fees and waivers should be directed to your school’s bookkeeper.

A list of 2019-20 courses which include a student fee appears below.

Student Fee Schedule

Approved 2019-2020 Fee Schedule Effective 9-3-2019ElementaryMiddleHigh
General Fees
Parking - SemesterN/AN/A$50
Parking - YearN/AN/A$100
Recorder Purchase$6N/AN/A
Participation FeeN/A$50$60
Visual Arts
Materials Studies (crafts)N/AN/A$10
Art Foundations (9120)N/AN/A$15
Drawing (9130)N/AN/A$15
Painting and Printmaking (9147)N/AN/A$15
Ceramics (9160)N/AN/A$18
Portfolio Fee (various)N/AN/A$35
Photography (9193)N/AN/A$65
Performing Arts
Instrument Rental$50$50$50
Uniform RentalN/A$25$80
Concert Band Only Uniform RentalN/AN/A$40
Instrument Rental$50$50$50
Uniform RentalN/A$25$25
Uniform RentalN/A$25$25
Driver's Education
Driver's Education CourseN/AN/ATBD
Career and Technical Education
Information Technology Fundamentals (6670)N/AN/A$15
Computer Information Systems (6614)N/AN/A$15
Advanced Computer Information Systems (6615)N/AN/A$15
Design, Multimedia & Web Technologies (6632)N/AN/A$15
Advanced Design, Multimedia & Web Technologies (6633)N/AN/A$15
Nutrition & Wellness (8228)N/AN/A$15
Independent Living (8214)N/AN/A$15
Marketing (8120)N/AN/A$15
Advanced Marketing (8130)N/AN/A$15
Fashion Marketing (8140)N/AN/A$15
Advanced Fashion Marketing (8145)N/AN/A$15
Sports & Entertainment Marketing (8175)N/AN/A$15
Sports & Entertainment Management (8177)N/AN/A$15
Advanced Drawing & Design (8438)N/AN/A$15
Architectural Drawing & Design (8437)N/AN/A$15
Digital Visualization (8459)N/AN/A$15
Graphic Communication Systems (8494)N/AN/A$15
Geospatial Technology I (8423)N/AN/A$15
Principles of Business and Marketing (6116)N/AN/A$15
Business Law (6132)N/AN/A$15
Business Management (6135)N/AN/A$15
Child Development and Parenting (8123)N/AN/A$15
Independent Living (8124)N/AN/A$15
Opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism (8139)N/AN/A$15
PLTW-Introduction to Engineering Design 8439)N/AN/A$15
PLTW‐Principles of Engineering (8441)N/AN/A$15
PLTW-Computer Integrated Manufacturing (8442)N/AN/A$15
PLTW‐Digital Electronics (8440)N/AN/A$15
PLTW‐Engineering Design & Development (8443)N/AN/A$15
PLTW-Principles of Biomedical Science (8379)N/AN/A$15
PLTW-Human Body Systems (8380)N/AN/A$15
PLTW-Computer Science Essentials (8472)N/AN/A$15
PLTW-Computer Science Principles (8473)N/AN/A$15
PLTW-AP Computer Science A (8474)N/AN/A$15
  • A Convenience fee is charged when payments are made via MySchoolBucks
  • No child will be denied the needed materials listed above because of inability to pay.
  • You may contact the principal to set up a plan for staggered payments or request that the fees be waived.
  • Fee waiver forms can be obtained from teachers, school counselors, and the main office.