The Transportation Department maintains a fleet of 216 vehicles of which 160 are school buses.  We have a daily requirement to operate 126 school buses and 3 automobiles in support of the programs in Williamsburg-James City County (WJCC) and surrounding school divisions.  We support 3 High Schools, 4 Middle Schools, 9 Elementary Schools, 1 GED and 1 Learning Lab program within our community.  Daily bus runs also transport students to/from Richmond, Hampton, Newport News and York County for multiple programs.  We complete just over 672 school bus runs each day along with field trips and Virginia High School League (VHSL) trips.  After School programs are offered in every school and school bus service is provided to return those students back to their homes and/or neighborhoods most evenings.  All combined bus runs consist of over 12,000 miles traveled each day in support of school requirements.

Motorists Still Endangering Children by Passing School Buses Illegally

For the safety and security of the students, many buses are equipped with audio/video monitoring systems.

Bus Stop and Pupil Transportation Information

Bus stops are determined based on guidelines from the School Board.  The School Board establishes travel distances.  High School and Middle School students can travel up to one mile.  Elementary School students can travel up to 0.5 miles. Our routing software provides specific distances. Considerations in establishing all stops are taken regarding sidewalks, hills, curves, road speed, construction and residences of registered sex offenders.

Cluster stops are placed in a central location based on bus loads and driver feedback.

Bus Driver Attendant Training

The Safety, Training and Recruitment Department is a third party tester for the department of Motor Vehicles of Virginia.  The department conducts new school bus driver training classes as mandated by the Department of Education.  School Bus Drivers are required to attend a 48 hour training session consisting of 24 hours of in-class training and 24 hours of on-the-road training.

The Safety and Training Department also trains bus attendants who are required by the Department of Education to attend a 16 hour training session.  This consists of 6 hours of in-class training and 10 hours of on-the –road training.

Additionally, the Safety, Training and Recruitment Department conducts Adult/Child and Basic First Aid training sessions for drivers and bus attendants.

Twice a year the Safety, Training and Recruitment Department conducts a minimum of 2 hours of in-service training for current WJCC Schools Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants. This training is a refresher course of the initial training and keeps the employees up to date on new procedures and informs them of changes to any existing procedures.